Fog El & Alarm, an existing company that wanted a proposal for a new website, both visually and technically with focus on their B2C customer’s needs.
Fog El & Alarm already had a logo and the only way they were marketing themselves were through Facebook.
Fog El & Alarm therefore wanted a website with given requirements. And that was where I came into the picture – to try and find/make a solution(s), that would live up to their requirements.

The first step

The first step was to understand the requirements and what Fog El & Alarm wanted – meanwhile focusing on their B2C customers.
Therefore, I created a lo-fi wireframe with ideas and what I had in mind. Afterwards I started creating a hi-fi wireframe because I like visualizing my ideas. The great thing about using Xd, is that I can always go back and change my ideas, if I feel like it. 
I learn a lot more visually and therefore, I did not make a brainstorm. I wanted to see what my creativity and ideas could create from exploring and playing around. 
Xd, is an adobe tool for prototyping and user experience + interaction design. I was very new to all of the programs, but I loved taking on the challenge of learning them.
I was also relatively new to Xd. Even though, I found it a new and cool ”adventure” experimenting around with the new project, we had to work with, on our own.

The second step

The second step was to make a questionnare, since basing the website on the B2C customers and what their needs were, would be optimal. 
Changes in the wireframe were of course needed, but my focus was still on making the website fit the customer’s needs as much as possible.
Therefore, through the questionnaire i could finish the ideas and changes I had made for the website.

The third step

The third step was to make a design manual, because Fog El & Alarm wanted input on how such a page could be designed visually and technically.
This would provide insight in what should and should not be done, ideas for how the different logo could be used, colors and the font itself.
A design manual is often good to use and make, since it provides an overview on what can and cannot be used on the website.

The fourth step

The fourth step was to create a time schedule which showed how much time I spent on the project.
On top of that, I used a model thorough the whole project. The model gave me the opportunity to stay on track, and since it was my first individual project, I found it necessary to have a model I could rely on.


As mentioned, this was my first individual project.
It challenged me in ways of daring to go beyond my own limits and weaknesses. I learned a lot about creating a website in general, and at the same time, taking the company’s requirements, customers and opinions into mind. 
This project is also something I can bring with me thorugh other new projects and challenges, idea- and process wise. 
The project was in general a positive experience for me. It was new to me, there was a lot of learning and most importantly it challenged me, while I still had fun and the enjoyment of doing so.